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Industry today comes a complex system of safety guidelines and regulations. Regulations so comprehensive that many companies have established entire departments devoted to safety training and compliance programs.

Of course, along with these departmental programs comes an enormous price tag. The current trend for corporations and smaller businesses alike has been to replace these costly departments and programs with online safety training programs. Online training courses designed to meet any OHSA safety training requirement or WSIB training guidelines that affect your industry or trade.

Advantagepcm.com offers comprehensive online safety training with a multitude of course curriculums designed to hone the safety expertise of any company or corporate staff.

APCM offers a wider diversity of course topics to address safety issues in all aspects of industry: construction, manufacturing, general industry, hazardous waste and materials, food service, or even defensive driving.

Shrewd managers and CEOs implement training courses such as those offered by APCM to improve overall company safety education and employee safety training. While at the same time drastically reducing safety program costs.

APCM offers numerous safety course topics in the following areas of industry:


APCM offers both basic and advanced safety training courses for all aspects of the construction industry; covering everything from heavy equipment to simple hand tools. Choose from topics like Personal Protective Equipment for Construction, Fall Protection, and Scaffolding. Courses on Materials Handling for Construction, Electrical Standards for Construction, Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals, Motor Vehicles, Demolition, Concrete and Masonry for Construction. Whatever the topic that your company requires emphasis on, chances are you’ll find it in APCM’s curriculum of 71+ advanced and 19 basic course topics for construction industries.

Canada Safety

This category offers course topics specific to safety regulations and procedures in Canada, such as WSIB training. Course topics include TDG A (Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act of 1980), Occupational Health and Safety Act Legislative Requirements, Workplace Inspections, JHSC Terms of Reference, and WHMIS: Workers Right to Know. Also included are other Construction Industry and General Industry course topics such as Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklift Safety), Safety Orientation, Working Safely with Electricity, and Back Injury Prevention. Choose from 45 diverse course topics.

Benefits and Advantages of APCM Online Training

Our world-class online education and safety training will help your company:
  1. Protect employees, officers, directors, and general management staff from personal liability claims.
  2. Promote a safe and healthy workplace environment for your employees.
  3. Ensure all governmental regulations and guidelines are met.
  4. Save on Workmen’s Compensation premiums.
  5. Avoid fines and possible imprisonment.

Join the hundreds of companies who have already benefited from online safety training with APCM. Aren’t your employees worth it?

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