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Whether you are a small, medium or large corporation; non-profit, trade union, proprietary school or college, has the right E-Learning OHSC solution for you. APCM Training Courses meet and in many cases exceed regulatory requirements. APCM will reduce your Company’s indirect and overhead costs while ensuring compliance. E-Learning Courses are the solution for the combined industries of Construction, Safety, and Industrial Market Segments. Help reduce the risk of injury in your workplace!

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Training Course Hours Price
Lifting & Carrying Training1$22.00Add To Cart
TES Lockout Procedure .3$4.00Add To Cart
Personal Protective Equipment1$16.25Add To Cart
Lockout Procedure for Machinery, Machines and Equipment2$21.25Add To Cart
Workplace Safety Inspections1$22.10Add To Cart
Hot Work Permit Procedure1$13.15Add To Cart
Confined Space Entry Permit 2$21.25Add To Cart
Accident Investigation Reporting1$22.00Add To Cart
JH&SC Terms of Reference2.15$21.25Add To Cart
Legislative Requirements2.15$20.25Add To Cart
Fall Arrest2$22.10Add To Cart
Safe Operation of Forklifts2$22.00Add To Cart
Aerial Scissor Lift Safe Operation2$25.00Add To Cart
Machine and Equipment Safety Guarding2$21.15Add To Cart
Hand and Finger Safety1$21.15Add To Cart
Ergonomics1$22.80Add To Cart
The Danger of Power Tools1.5$21.25Add To Cart
Machine Guard Basic Training1$21.25Add To Cart
Hazard Recognition and Assessment1.75$20.25Add To Cart
Violence and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace1$22.50Add To Cart
Excavation Work2$22.15Add To Cart
Transportation of Dangerous Goods2$31.50Add To Cart
Ladder Safety1$13.25Add To Cart
Back Injury Prevention1$22.00Add To Cart
Drug and Alcohol Program1.5$19.00Add To Cart
Electrical Safety1$22.75Add To Cart
Conveyor Safety for Worker Operation1$17.25Add To Cart
Core Certification Training Program PART ONE9$475.00Add To Cart
Food Safety Training Course1$22.75Add To Cart
Baking Ovens1$23.50Add To Cart
Electrical Shocks Safety1$22.00Add To Cart
Occupational Health and Safety Worker/Management Safety Orientation1$3.00Add To Cart
Outside Ontario: Orientation of New Workers & Transfer Workers; Occupational Health & Safety Handbook1$22.00Add To Cart
Use of Mobile Machinery on Construction Sites1$21.75Add To Cart
Health and Safety Exercises on the job to reduce the risk of workplace injury1$16.50Add To Cart
Working Alone Requirements Training1$16.25Add To Cart
Health and Safety in the Home Care Business1$35.00Add To Cart
Core Certification Part 2.3$225.00Add To Cart
Lockout Training Procedure for Temporary Staffing Agencies.3$5.25Add To Cart
Safe Handling of Propane1$19.75Add To Cart
Handling of Batteries That Require Recharging on Forklifts1$19.75Add To Cart
Welding & Cutting1$55.22Add To Cart
Ground Disturbance Procedures1$25.00Add To Cart
Portable Fire Extinguisher Training1$16.00Add To Cart
Asbestos Handling2$30.00Add To Cart
Controlling Slip, Trip And Fall Injuries1$17.25Add To Cart
Housekeeping in the Workplace1$17.25Add To Cart
Workers Compensation Admin Claims Management Process1$22.00Add To Cart
Lockout Procedures Designed for Use for Recycling, Baling and Conveyor Equipment1.75$21.25Add To Cart
Confined Space Entry for Workers Installing and Servicing Dock Leveler Systems1$21.25Add To Cart
Flag/Signal Person1$15.00Add To Cart
Workplace Violence Policy.3$16.00Add To Cart
PPE Use in Healthcare Settings1$22.25Add To Cart
Safe Operating Procedure of ATVS.3$14.00Add To Cart
Health and Safety Chemical and X-ray Radiation Non-Destructive Training1$25.75Add To Cart
Bear Awareness Training.10$7.00Add To Cart
Outdoor Heat Stress Prevention.25$8.00Add To Cart
Lyme Disease Information Training1$22.25Add To Cart
West Nile Virus1$17.25Add To Cart
Health and Safety Inclement Weather Extreme Cold1$15.00Add To Cart
Workplace Violence for Management.3$19.25Add To Cart
MOL Loading Dock/Shipping and Receiving Blitz1$16.00Add To Cart
Hand and Portable Power Tools.5$16.00Add To Cart
Defensive Driving1$17.25Add To Cart
Designated Substance Hazard Communication Program.3$18.75Add To Cart
Retirement Centre/Nursing Home Worker H&S Orientation Booklet1$25.00Add To Cart
AODA (Accessibility Standards Compliance)1$25.00Add To Cart
TECident Safety Belt.5$22.75Add To Cart
Arc Flash Hazard Training1$22.00Add To Cart
Transfer Repositions, Pivot Transfers, Lifting & Carrying Residents1$22.00Add To Cart
Handling of Patients in Healthcare1$29.25Add To Cart
Programme de formation sur les espaces clos1$21.25Add To Cart
Spill Control Procedures.5$18.20Add To Cart
Hazard Recognition & Assessment Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety Regulations1$22.20Add To Cart
How To Operate Overhead Cranes Safely1$27.25Add To Cart
Signaleur/Signaleuse Cours de formation 1$15.00Add To Cart
La Protection Contre Les Chutes1$19.00Add To Cart
Workers Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps1$12.00Add To Cart
Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness in 5 Steps1$12.00Add To Cart
Mobile Platform/Elevated Platform Use.3$14.20Add To Cart
Oil and Gas Pipeline 1$13.20Add To Cart
The Employment Solution H&S Booklet$2.20Add To Cart
Occupational Health & Safety Booklet1$5.00Add To Cart
Bill C-45 and the New Health & Safety Crime1$220.00Add To Cart
Working at Heights1$23.00Add To Cart
Isocyanates Control Program.5$18.25Add To Cart
Walking & Working Surfaces.5$17.75Add To Cart
What it takes to have a successful safety program1$22.00Add To Cart
Preventing Back Injury1$22.00Add To Cart
Scaffold Safety1$9.95Add To Cart
WHMIS 20151$18.00Add To Cart
Active Shooter1$19.95Add To Cart
Duties of Employers and Other Persons.5$5.00Add To Cart
Static Bonding & Grounding Best Practices1$22.00Add To Cart
Pandemic Awareness7.5$22.00Add To Cart
TES H&S Booklet1$2.20Add To Cart
Learning to Manage People2.5$29.95Add To Cart
Situational Awareness1$15.00Add To Cart
Anti-Racism1$15.75Add To Cart
Unconscious Bias in the Workplace1$17.50Add To Cart
Anger Management.5$12.25Add To Cart

APCM Provides Excellent Solutions to Rising Training Costs and Compliance Issues.

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