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APCM Education & Training

APCM's occupational and non-occupational health and safety professionals will ensure compliance with all regulatory agencies in Canada for Health & Safety legislation by providing world class education and safety training, meeting all regulatory laws by governments.

Failure to comply leaves your Company liable and open in some countries to fines, jail time, or both, in many critical injury cases.

Our Health and Safety Programs are in many cases custom designed to meet your needs. This will ensure you take the reasonable care necessary to avoid such fines and protect your employees, officers, directors and General Management from personal liability ...We are your source for Health/Safety Risk Management.

Advantage Prevention & Claims Management Inc. will provide you with this in the form of onsite/online training sessions, communication programs, complete reference, and procedural manuals custom designed to your company's needs and locations. We will provide training for both your managerial staff and employees to help with the implementation of managing our process from start to finish at your location.

Please Note: Since we provide our services across Canada. We use the term "W.C.B." throughout our text.

On-site and On-line APCM Safety Training

APCM accomplishes this through a diverse offering of on-site or on-line safety training programs. Courses cover topics such as OSHA regulation, WHMIS, general construction, tool safety, protective clothing and equipment, electrical safety, safe food handling, and dozens of other topics.

Furthermore, business worker compensation costs are reduced by compliance of safety regulations; incidents on-the-job injury and employee time off are reduced, promoting increased productivity. Each of these factors lead to increased bottom-line profitability.

APCM's Extended Services

Should an injury occur, APCM claim management efficiently handles every step of the claim process, from start to finish. APCM programs meet all medical requirements; such as examination, and treatment and evaluation by worker compensation or WSIB approved medical professionals.
WSIB Promotes Workplace Safety with Incentive Programs

No Such Thing as an Accident

We believe by utilizing proper on-going workplace safety and injury prevention training programs and procedures, and by employees diligently implementing each, all accidents are preventable.

According to the WSIB website, “A safe workplace is every worker's right. It's the employer's responsibility to provide proper training. It's everyone's responsibility to take it seriously.”

The Ontario Ministry of Labor and WSIB have regulations in place that provide for workplace safety, as well as workman compensation benefits in the event of injury. Non-compliance or violation of these regulations can result in fines of up to $100,000 per offense and up to 6 months jail time; and up to $1,500,000 per violation for corporate offenders.

Five-pronged Approach

  1. Accident Prevention : Education/Incentives, Worker/Employer
  2. Medical Management : Return to Work/Rehabilitation, Worker/Employer
  3. Worker Compensation Claims : Short Term/Long Term, Worker/Employer
  4. Insurance Benefit Claims: Short Term/Long Term, Drug Plan/Health Care, Worker/Employer
  5. Investigation of WCB and Insurance Abuse and Fraud : Worker/Employer

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