Ministry of Labor and OSHA Regulations - Comply and Save!

In today's world, big business is global business - employing millions of people who all function in a workplace. Whether doing business in Canada, workplace safety is an issue that comes with stringent guidelines and regulations.

Employees throughout Ontario are accountable to government regulation and enforcement; such as the Ministry of labour in Ontario, Canada.

Non-compliance or violation of these health and safety regulations can result in huge fines and loss of revenue. With government regulations in place as early as 1974, employers have promoted workplace safety with occupational health and safety or injury prevention training programs for employers. Today $100,000 per offence for employees, worker, supervisor/managers and 1.5 million per charge to employer.

Costs of implementing and administrating these programs, along with the cost of fines and penalties paid by employers who fail to meet occupational health and safety guidelines, amount to billions of dollars each year. Large corporate employers have been especially subject to these costs and dedicate entire departments for the side purpose of workplace safety and OHSA safety training.

Advantage Offers Profitable Solutions

Advantage Prevention and Claims Management (APCM) offers sensible solutions for meeting Ministry of Labour workplace safety or injury prevention training regulations. Bu utilizing APCM's numerous services, employers have saved more than 25 million dollars. That's 25 million dollars - in reduced costs for workplace safety training programs, as well as reduced or eliminated fines and penalties resulting from violations.

In Canada, employers' benefit from APCM services with premium rebates from WSIB/WCB.

Clients enjoy higher profitability encouraged by reduced employee down-time from injuries, increased productivity, and higher employee morale. After enlisting APCM services and programs, clients have averaged up to 90% fewer workplace injuries in just the first year.

APCM accomplishes these landfall savings and benefits for clients with expert consultation services and the 5-prong approach to quality training programs:

  1. System Assessment of Compliance and Safety Behavior
  2. Prevention of Injuries through Hazard/Job Analysis/Job Task Analysis Training
  3. Occupational Health and Safety Program and Procedure Training
  4. Health and Safety Committees Trained to Act as Ombudsmen
  5. Management and Employee Involvement, Health and Safety Training

Enjoy the fiscal benefits of Ministry of Labour and OSHA compliance. Show your employees how important they are, contact APCM today!

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